Welcome to Navi framework’s documentation!

Navi is an open and free high-level framework that aims to make building smart chatbots and personal assistants easy, friction-less and fun.

In general terms, think about how awesome would it if you could build your own Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant in a free, open and controlled-by-you way. Navi integrates all necessary services into a consistent and fluid architecture to help you reach that goal.

Currently, Navi is compatible with Python 2.7, but support for Python > 3 is planned.

Guiding Principles

  • Fun. Working with the Navi framework should be a fun experience. It should make the design of a smart assistant easy to do, to test and to understand and explain
  • User friendly. Navi is designed to get you from idea to prototype fast by offering consistent, coeherent and well-documented API’s
  • Modular. Bots and assistants created with Navi should be easily shareable in parts or wholes. This way developers can build a community and grow together
  • Extensible Integrating new messaging and conversational platforms to Navi should be an easy task and done constantly.


To install only the core of navi, use:

pip install navi

But the best part of navi lies within its service extensions, we currently support Telegram Messaging; Snowboy Hotword Detection; Wit.ai Natural Language Processing; and Speech Recognition services from many providers. Install the required dependencies for each by including the name of your desired extension with the install command, like so:

pip install navi[SpeechRecognition, HotwordDetection, Telegram, Wit]

5min Starting Guides

Coming soon...